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Academic unit: Faculty of Biological Sciences

Gloved hand holding a patient’s hand

A painful public health problem

Over 10% of Chile's health care budget goes on treating chronic pain, which is the equivalent of the country's total yearly research investment, including…

Clownfish swimming

"Lighting Nemo": Why Clownfish Need Their Sleep?

The streetlights on docks or ports are affecting marine life, scientists warn. A new study shows how artificial night light significantly impacts the clownfish…

River and forest at sunset.

The difficult equation posed by the pandemic

Covid-19 has exposed the fragile relationship between our health and the protection of the environment. Furthermore, the historical decrease in carbon and…

Alexis Kalergis

The Vaccine Against Covid-19 Being “Made in Chile”

The world is frantically looking for a vaccine that will prevent infections of the novel coronavirus. Among the more than 100 research teams trying to develop…