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Our authorities are led by the Chancellor and his Vice Chancellor and consists of the President, Ignacio Sánchez; the Provost, Guillermo Marshall; the General Secretary, Marisol Peña; and the Academic Vice President, Juan Larraín; Provost of Institutional Management, Patricio Donoso; Finance Vice President, María Loreto MassanésCommunication Vice President, María Paulina Gómez; and Research Vice President - Pedro Bouchon. 

Honorable High Council

This is the highest collegial body of the University, and includes the Rector, the Pro-Rector, the General Secretary, the Vice Rectors, the Deans of each faculty, four representative faculty members and the President of the Student Federation of Universidad Católica.


Monseñor Ricardo Ezzati Andrello
tomas scherz 128
Padre Tomás Scherz Take 
Vice Chancellor
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rector 128 2017
Dr. Ignacio Sánchez Díaz
gmarshall 128ok
Guillermo Marshall Rivera
patricio donoso128
Patricio Donoso Ibáñez
Provost of Institutional Management
Secretaria General Marisol Peña
Marisol Peña Torres
General Secretary
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jlarrain 128 ok
Juan Larraín Correa
Academic Vice President
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Pedro Bouchon Aguirre
 Research Vice President
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loretomassanes 128
Loreto Massanés Vogel
Financial Vice President
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pgomez 128 ok
María Paulina Gómez Lorenzini
Communications Vice President

Gran Canciller
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Vice Gran Canciller
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Vicerrector Académico
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Vicerrector de Asuntos Económicos y Administrativos
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Vicerrectora de Comunicaciones y Educación Continua
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Vicerrector Adjunto de Investigación y Doctorado
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Secretario General
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